Southwest Brooklyn Waterfront Study

2011–2014 | Brooklyn NY

Client Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
Climate Adaptation Design and Engineering Guy Nordenson and Associates
Technical Consultant Langan Engineering & Environmental Services
Water Resource and Marine Engineering ARCADIS US

This study for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is focused on the Southwest Waterfront of Brooklyn bound by the Gowanus Expressway to the east and north and the NY/NJ Upper Bay to the west. The low elevation and extensive landfill in the area makes it particularly susceptible to wide spread flooding in a storm event. The study proposal, to be constructed with clean dredge materials, includes three design scenarios: offshore structures (barrier breakwater islands and submerged caisson islands), a living shoreline (constructed wetlands and parklands), and an onshore berm. The design goals were to maintain public access to the waterfront, feature soft infrastructure to attenuate wave action, and provide protection against flooding. The redundant design, comprised of layered coastal interventions, allows for phased implementation over time as well as strength in the variety of interventions.