Kimbell Art Museum Expansion

2008–2013 | Fort Worth TX

Client Kimbell Art Museum
Architect Renzo Piano Building Workshop
Associate Architect Kendall/Heaton Associates
Structural Engineer Guy Nordenson and Associates
Awards 2015 SEAoNY Excellence in Structural Engineering Award, 2015 NCSEA Excellence in Structural Engineering Outstanding Project Finalist

The Kimbell Art Museum Expansion is a free-standing, 89,000sf addition with three principal sections. The East Pavilion includes gallery and lobby spaces above ground divided into three 102ft bays that mirror the organization of the existing museum. The West Building has additional gallery space, an auditorium, and education rooms above ground and an inhabitable green roof that blends into the surrounding parkscape. There is a basement underneath the full building site, and a parking garage below grade between the new and existing buildings.

The East Pavilion is a combination of architecturally exposed concrete walls with a roof of twin long-span, laminated timber beams supporting a glass roof. The twin beams are joined by custom metal connectors and bracing and provides column-free spaces the full width of the 102ft bays.

The remainder of the construction is cast-in-place concrete, typically flat plate slabs supported by columns and beams. The ground floor throughout is designed with a double slab for the integration of the services distribution throughout the building in the cavity between slabs. Many of the walls along the exterior of both buildings also incorporate cavities either containing only insulation to provide a break between interior and exterior, or also for the distribution of air and services.