Nuage Promenade

2015–2017 | Miami FL

Client Miami Design District
Designer Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec
Structural Engineers Guy Nordenson and Associates and Laufs Engineering Design
Fabricator UAP

Nuage is a sinuous, cloud-like canopy that runs along the Paseo Ponti in the Miami Design District. The 100 meter-long structure provides shade and seating across a long pedestrian corridor in a busy shopping district. Landscape and water features are integral to the design, with trees closely planted such that they seem to pass through the cloud structure above.

The heterogeneous cloud forms are an extension of a nesting module developed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. In past projects, the module has been self-supporting and served as bookcase or flower vase. Here, for the first time, the module is elevated and arrayed on slender columns which requires it to span. This is accomplished by constructing it with 3-ply 3mm stainless steel top and bottom plates, and vertical wrapper which outline the module shape and connects with internal stiffeners and concealed column connections. When stacked and linked with sleeve connections, the modules disappears into a larger mass and creates diverse forms and patterns. The modules are prefabricated and mechanically fastened in the field. Tinted green and blue glass windows scattered throughout the modules create an dappled shadow pattern across the Paseo as the sun moves throughout the day.