Necropolis Oceanic Pavilion

Ongoing | Chin Pao San TAIWAN

Client ChinPaoSan Group
Architect Steven Holl Architects
Associate Architect Chou Chienping Architects
Structural Engineer Guy Nordenson and Associates
Associate Structural Engineer TH Tsai and Associates

The 580,000sf Chin Pao San Necropolis includes the Oceanic Pavilion, which is comprised of 13 unique sphere structures and houses space for urn shelving, a ceremonial chapel, an auditorium, garden spaces for reflection and an adjoining amphitheater. Contained by a rectangular plan that is topped by a sheet of water, the spheres intersect with a complex geometry that allows for the creation of a symbolic space.

The Oceanic Pavilion's structural components will be composed of reinforced concrete, with one-way slabs and beams formed with the slab below and beams above (upset beams) by the typical method for cast-in-place concrete. All columns and verticals will also be cast-in-place concrete. The spherical walls below the roof, as well as the dome portions of the spheres above the roof, will be formed using custom double-sided board forms for doubly-curved surfaces. Architectural finishes will be closely coordinated with portions of the structural concrete which will be exposed to view.