Disneyland Parking Structure

1998–2000 | Anaheim CA

Client Walt Disney Imagineering
Architect Wolf Architecture
Structural Engineer Guy Nordenson and Associates
Associate Structural Engineer Walker Parking Consultants

This was the first major project undertaken by the office at its inception in 1997. Guy Nordenson and Associates was the structural engineer for both the preliminary design of the parking structure and the peer review of the final design by Walker Parking Consultants, on behalf of Walt Disney Imagineering. With a footprint of 600ft by 1,150ft and a capacity of 10,250 cars, it is close to the largest parking structure in the world. The structure is six stories tall and is divided into two large parts by an open ramp-way. Each side is again divided into four parts by seismic joints for a total of eight separate building units. The structure has a 54ft by 50.5ft column grid, and is made of posttensioned cast-in-place concrete with a 5in thick slab spanning between secondary beams in turn supported by girders. Slab and beam depths, and column sizes are minimized to the absolute limit of efficiency for parking operations. The column grid was precisely calibrated by Walker Parking Consultants to maximize the number of parking spaces.