Wuxi Pedestrian Bridge and Platform

2010-2011 | Wuxi CHINA

Client SPG Land Holdings
Lead Designer and Structural Engineer Guy Nordenson and Associates
Architect Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects

The proposed bridge scheme, designed by Guy Nordenson and Associates in collaboration with Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, was chosen by the client from a number of conceptual designs. The steel and concrete girder bridge scheme selected is approximately 234m in total length, spanning across Gonghu Avenue and a river to provide critical access between the residential and retail district of Jingui Li Master Plan. The bridge supports regularly spaced planters for landscaping and is connected to an elevated platform which provides connection to the sales office, hotel and retail center of the Jingui Li complex. The bridge and platform are also accessible by a pedestrian ramp from the residential building complex.

The pedestrian platform consist of a triangulated coffered concrete slab supported on steel pipe columns. The triangular grid is dictated by a series on concentric arcs and radial lines which are consistent with the horizontal alignment of the pedestrian bridge. As a result, the triangles of the grid, which are visible from the underside of the platform, are compressed towards the southwest side of the platform and expanded towards the northeast side. On average, the triangular grid is approximately 2m x 2m x 2m.