36 SML Beach House

2010–2013 | Amagansett NY

Client Private
Structural Engineer Guy Nordenson and Associates

This 4,800sf residence is located in Amagansett NY and has 3 wings forming a "Y" in plan.  The foundations and below grade construction are cast-in-place concrete. The superstructure is a combination of structural steel and engineered wood framing. The floor framing is composed of structural steel W section girders with engineered wood joists overlaid with plywood subfloor. Structural steel moment frames above the second level allow cantilevers at the ends of each wing. Columns are 4.5in by 4.5in square steel tube sections and are exposed in many locations. The lateral system of the house is braced frames using similar tube sections for diagonals below the second floor and a combination of moment frames in the long direction of each wing and plywood shear walls transverse to each wing above the second level.

Additional structural elements include a central stair structured with steel plate hangers from adjacent framing and solid tongue and groove wood tread and riser assembly to enable the stair to hang in location without resting on the ground level floor.